Safe Major toto site list


    Safe Major toto site list
    Introduction to site:
    Toto literally translates to toto in Korean language. 메이저 토토사이트 Both North and South Korea has banned gambling for all its residents. This means that people who are official residents of Korea are no longer allowed to participate in gambling activities.
    This act was passed because many Koreans were involved in illicit gambling activities: losing important things to their gambling addiction.
    The only people who are legally allowed to gamble in the country are those who have come from outside the country. In other words, only foreign visitors can gamble inside the country without the laws percussing them. But even so, foreigners are allowed to gamble only a limited set of games.
    There are some loopholes that can be used by people of Korea to sate their gambling addiction, though.
    If you’re a resident of South Korea, and wish to play video games, here is where you might be able to get served:
    Kangon Land Casino. It is the largest gambling venue in the whole country. However, you will need to use your tricks if you wish to play here.
    Be warned!
    If you’re caught illegally cheating, you will be charged up to 5 million South Korean won, which is equal to 4200 United State Dollars! This is based on Article 246 of Criminal Code.
    Additionally, if you’re caught gambling multiple times, you may be charged 4 times that amount: 20 million South Korean won, which is equal to almost 16,800 dollars!
    If you’re willing to take that risk, proceed further.
    As a North Korea resident, there is very limited information on whether gambling is even accepted in this country or not. The punishments are unknown too, so we would advise against risking literally your life in pursuit of your gambling addiction.
    We’re here to save your day.
    Tobogtoto is one of the very limited major toto sites on the internet. The purpose of our website is to help you find toto websites that have been white listed by the Korean government. What this means for you – the consumer – is that you can legally partake in gambling activities without having many government laws biding you. But be careful, you have been warned.
    Tobogtoto is one of the unique major toto sites that will help you attain what you want – gambling – without any legal percussion.
    Features of site
    Major toto site
    Our website Tobogtoto is a major toto website and thus offers you a wide variety of content, and all of it is real. All our content on our website is real, and we can actually prove it to you.
    Safe to use
    We have gone through all the necessary verification by the government and thus offer you all the gambling you may ever need, without the need of constantly worrying about having the government on your back.
    All disasters are covered
    No matter what kind of calamity may befall you legally, we have it covered. The best thing about being a major tote site is that we are the ones responsible for keeping you safe from any issues that may hamper your progress.
    You can contact us 24/7
    If you are experiencing any kind of issue regarding our tote site, do not fret. We have hired site operators that are more than willing to help you through any problem on the website. Just click on the Help button at the bottom of our website and we’ll help you through your processes.
    The content on this website is guaranteed
    If you’re worried about getting scammed on any other website, do not fret. Our website offers only the most legitimate content of all time.
    Whether you are a small-time factory worker or a big-time CEO of a million-dollar company, you can trust our website to provide you with only real content.

    How our website does our research
    We constantly monitor all toto sites we host, with our advanced algorithms and manual techniques. Websites who pass our 3 stages are trustable websites and thus, we take full responsibility for these websites. Here is a step-by-step procedure on how we test all toto sites so we can make them a member of our major toto site:
    Stage 1:
    In stage 1, we do a background check using various techniques. Some of these techniques include:
    Spoof checking – We do a very intricate and deep research on each of the website we host. Before these websites can even become a part of our channel, we ask our very-able staff to do a deep scan of the website. If the website turns out to be spoof-ed (fake), we do not let it become a part of our big family.
    Domain checking – Domain is used to identify all the IP addresses of a specific website. We do a very intensive background check on the domain of the website and check if there is any issue with the website. We use Whois lookup website for this purpose.
    Server history check – By checking through intensive domain checks, we can find out if any of the websites that are trying to get on our channel may have had any issue in the past. If any issue is found, we instantly blacklist that website from trying to register on our channel.
    Stage 2:
    For the second stage of our test, we put the chosen website through a simulation test. Under the pretense of this test, we check the response speed of the website. This test involves checking the UX of the website: the environment speed, the exchange process speed, and certain other kinds of quantities that are important for the user. In short, all of our websites are only on our major tote site, because they have been handpicked to have the best user interaction.
    We send different kinds of requests to the website every 40 – 60 seconds. We then judge the UX of the website by ranking it with other websites. For example:
    Foreign Exchange Transactions should not exceed 90 seconds.
    Sports related gambling websites should do a transaction in between 60 to 90 seconds and mini-games on these websites should show up within 20 to 50 seconds.

    Stage 3:
    The final stage is the bug/hack testing phase. For this, we stress test the website with various attacks of different caliber. This helps test the website against any kind of potential crashes or hack attacks. Some of the attacks we try to put the website through are DoS attacks and DDoS attacks.
    We then judge the reaction of the website and their owners and check how they react to this situation. If they’re able to recover from this situation quickly, and in such a way that does not disturb the user base, we put the website on our major tote site.

    Websites we trust:
    Here is a list of websites we trust and hold all responsibility toward:
    Netmarble – This website has been under operations for over 6 years. Sports and other games are updated on a real-time basis. Various events are held on a daily basis.
    Seize Bet – The best part of this website is that you can bet up to 50 million won! There are no restrictions on how many games you partake in a day too. If you’re feeling lucky, this website is for you.
    Power Rangers – You can place up to 50 million won on a single bet, but if you overlap bets, you can go up to 80 million won. You can change the size of the bet after placing too.

    How to register on our website:
    If you’re an owner of a tote site and would like to register your website on our major tote site, please contact us through the Help button. Do note that once you try to register, your website will be put under our 3 stages test. If you still think you’re up to the challenge, don’t hesitate to contact us.
    How to play on our website:
    If you’re a brave adventurer who would like to play on our website, do not fret! For we have it all covered. You can click on any of the 3 games: Netmarble, Seize Bet, OR Power Range, and you’ll be instantly taken into the game. Do note that we follow standard betting rules, so if you’re not of legal age, please refrain from using our website. You might not be entertained here.
    And that is all for our major tote site. A short version of what we said above is that we are a trustable tote site and take responsibility for any scamming that may partake on our website. We are confident in our staff and our hand-picked tote partners. These tote sites have spent many a days with us, and we can assure you that they are absolutely safe to trust your luck with.
    If you have any further questions or would like to host an interview with us, please contact us at the link below

    토복이가 추천드리는 최종 메이저 토토사이트

    1.넷마블 : 6년차 운영중인 업체며 스포츠 및 여러가지 실시간게임이 업데이트 되는곳입니다. 규정 제재없이 편안하게 이용가능하며 요일에 따라 다양한 이벤트가 진행됩니다.
    엠지엠 로투스 정식 협력업체 등록된 업체입니다.

    2. seize bet : 카지노 최대 5천만원 까지 배팅이 가능하며 다양한 카지노 종목이 업데이트 됩니다. 뿐만아니라 모든 스포츠 종목이 업데이트되며 1일 환전 제한없이 무제한으로 가능합니다.
    최상위스포츠 라이브배팅 업체이며 배당또한 동종업계 최상위 입니다. 라이브 스포츠 및 카지노 전문 사이트 입니다.

    3. 파워레인저 : 파워볼 실시간 최상위 업체이며 미니게임, 미라지카지노만 진행하는 업체입니다 1회 배팅 한도 조절이 가능하며 최재 2천만원, 중복 배팅으로 맥스 8천만원까지 배팅이 가능합니다.
    환전 제한없이 무제한 가능하며 모든 미니게임 롤링이 없습니다. 규정 제재 없으며 모든 배팅이 허용됩니다.

    먹튀검증을 완료한 규정 제재 없는 메이저 토토사이트에서 안전하게 이용하시길 바랍니다.